Gratis Brunch of High Tea bij aanschaf van een nieuwe bril!

Flyer Brunch en High Tea 2018
Flyer Brunch en High Tea 2018

Peter Bronzwaer now offers a low budget webshop!

Peter Bronzwaer and Elton John, 1995

Elton John and Peter Bronzwaer, 1995

Peter Bronzwaer offers you personal advice when finding eyewear so that it suits you and is a true addition to your face. He distinguishes himself from his colleagues by his creativity in making his own Shades (shapes).

You'll receive professional advice on colour, shape and comfort and you have a lot of choice from the large range of frames. Many glasses are in stock, even extra thin ones.



Nobody looks good with glasses!

If we were born with glasses it would have been different, but since this isn't the case you can only ensure your glasses fit you best as possible. Exactly this is Peter's talent.

In no-time he is able to find well-fitting and characteristic eyewear for you, thanks to over 30 years of knowledge and experience with designers and designs. His goal is to compliment your face with fitting eyewear in the right colour. He offers you a broad choice of the entire colour spectrum, which he selects from around the world.

The best colours come from far away places like Japan and California, where people have been brought up with most fascinating and brightly coloured minerals.

Let's be honest, coal, lignite and oil don't deliver the most inspiring contrasts.

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